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The Beatles

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Al Francis as Paul McCartney 

When Al was two-years-old, his father introduced him to the music of The Beatles, which put him on the path of becoming a professional musician.


Al’s first musical instrument was a make-shift drum and cymbal made from an empty five gallon bucket and a pie tin. At the age of three, Al’s parents gave him a three-piece drum kit, and knowing what was in store, also bought a supply of ear plugs for themselves -- and for good reason! A few years later, Al began plucking on a guitar, which led to learning how to play bass, as well as many other instruments.


In order to play bass like his idol, Paul McCartney, Al even taught himself how to play bass left-handed. In 2012, Al met two Boston area musicians, Rob and Steve Murray. Sharing a passion for Beatles music, they forged life-long friendship and the creation of what is now Studio Two.


“Never did I think that we'd be doing what we love to do this soon! Who could ask for more? Getting to play some of the most influential and most loved music EVER written has been a dream come true. We've played some great shows and met some of the nicest people you could ever meet. And, to make it even better, I get to do all of this with a group of guys who are not only multi-talented musicians but some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I couldn't ask for better mates to be on tour with!


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