Studio Two

The Beatles

Before America

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A Little about us...

Stephen Murray 

as John Lennon

Al Francis

as Paul McCartney

Robert Murray

as George Harrison

Richard Rampino

as Ringo Starr

Hailed as “New England’s Best Beatles Tribute Band”  by The British Beer Company,  Beatles tribute band, Studio Two, continues its tour in celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles coming to America.


Studio Two is a headlining Beatles band that pays tribute to the early Beatles years, choosing songs from the pre-Sgt. Pepper era.


Featuring graduates from Berklee College of Music and Beatles devotees, Studio Two band mates met in a “cellar full of noise” in a town slightly west of Liverpool (Milford, New Hampshire!) to pay homage to the greatest rock band of all time.


Band members are experienced musicians of today’s generation dedicated to preserving the memory and fan culture of The Beatles generation.


By recreating the Fab Four’s music, appearance, instruments, and onstage banter, Studio Two performs your most favorite hits that will bring people to the dance floor.


Studio Two has performed at numerous large and small venues, from large open-air festivals to nightclubs. 


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